Down by the sea with Rebecca and Mark


On 12th June AJ and Bertie had the pleasure of supporting Rebecca and Mark at their wedding in Annalong Presbyterian church and then taking them on to the Mill at Ballydugan near Downpatrick for their reception.

We were well blessed with good weather and and managed to get a number of great shots at the church – we even managed to photograph someone with a dress that matched AJ!

Unknown to me, Philip the other driver sneaked off down to the harbour for a couple of shots of AJ with Rebecca and Mark. Nice move, as the harbour shots are first class! I on the other  hand was invited back for lunch at the family home  and greatly appreciated the hospitality afforded to me – its a rough job being a chauffeur – but someone has to do it!

Afterwards, it was on by convoy to the Mill at Ballydugan, accompanied by the many horn blasts that we are now accustomed to from passing motorists!

Finally, when we arrived at the Mill, we were able to get some fine group shots and as you can see by the photos, the bride and groom and their guests were having a ball! A super day out with the two Beetles – a bit of a rest for Hovis and an introduction for Harriet to our two other cars!!!

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