Ulster Wedding Show 2015

There is always a first time for everything and ours was attending the Ulster Wedding Show in the Odyssey Arena Belfast. Having never taken a stand before at a show we really didn’t know what to expect.We planned to display all four of our vehicles and with the assistance of organiser James McMonigle we were allocated a corner stand next to the fashion catwalk. First challenge was to get Hovis, Harriet, AJ and Bertie to the site. We took AJ and Bertie first and stopped off en-route (as you do) for breakfast at a local garage.

As usual, our cars attracted a lot of attention – in this case the discussion was about which car looked best. Opinion was divided, but involved the entire garage staff and a few customers in the debate!

Onward to the Odyssey, where we left the two cars and headed off to get Hovis and Harriet. When we returned, the show was well on the way to being set up and we worked late into Friday night setting up our stand and cleaning the vehicles.We don’t often see all four of our vehicles on display at the same time, but even we were taken aback by how well they all looked together on the royal blue carpet!

Next morning, we arrived early wondering just how things would go. The doors opened at 12 noon and by 1230 we were completely overwhelmed by the response to our vehicles! The odd scream was heard such as ‘Look at the cars, I have always wanted one of these – aren’t they class!’, to ‘Look at the hippy van, my Granda had one!’

By lunchtime we had four confirmed orders and had issued a number of quotations, thank goodness the first fashion show started and we got a well earned break!

By 6pm on that Saturday evening we were well shattered and headed home for a well earned break.

On Sunday doors opened  at 12 and again we were swamped with visitors to our stand. One person said they had only come to the show to see our vehicles and another apologised for returning three times to take a selfie with Hovis! Having learnt our lesson from the previous day, we set up a second desk from which to give quotations and accept bookings. Result! – less waiting for our customers and less stress for us!

All in all it was a great two days. We are really proud of our vehicles and chuffed when we got so many compliments about them. But probably the best thing about it all, was meeting so many nice people. One couple chose to try out Harriet’s seats to see if the groom could fit in ok – afterwards I noted that on their booking form my daughter had written ‘Really nice couple and the big guy fits into Harriet ok’! (Wonder can they guess who they are?).

We eventually got everything wrapped up and returned home at 11pm that evening, just in time to take another quote by email.

As I write this blog three days after the event, I have just finished recording all of the quotations and bookings  – its going to be a busy couple of years – even by our standards! Keep an eye out for us, you are bound to see us somewhere near you!

Check out our gallery page for photos from the Show.

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